At just 19 years of age, Lara D is blazing a trail all her own when it comes to fresh voices in Australian R&B.

Emerging as a dynamic new force out of Sydney, Lara’s passion for music and self-expression has been one instilled in her from a young age.

Individuality and confidence in one’s own history goes a long way in determining one’s way forward - this is a mantra that has been integral to Lara’s artistic journey so far. Of Morrocan-Lebanese origins, Lara’s upbringing has been marked by cultural vibrancy, unique sonic and artistic influences and above all, a strong sense of self and family.

Where some might find it easier to shy away from the things that make them different, Lara has leant into them freely and excitedly, bringing these influences into the music she makes. Whether it's in the rhythms, her own vocal progressions or production nuances, Lara’s brand of contemporary R&B encapsulates what it is like to be a young multi-cultural creative in Australia.

“Embrace your culture, embrace who you are, embrace what you do.” she enthuses.

“Sometimes people find it embarrassing, but I find it cool. I’m the type of person who loves [different] cultures, traditions, I find it amazing.”

Her sound, akin to the likes of Kehlani, SZA, Alicia Keys and H.E.R., is steeped in a natural soulful energy that sets Lara apart - as if her spirit has definitely been here before. Her presence as a vocalist and songwriter exudes wisdom beyond her years: at such a young age, Lara is very much in command of her own narrative.

Self-taught, Lara’s independent mindset when it’s come to her creative journey has galvanised into one that is proving to be unshakeable.

For Lara, she owes much of this to the way her parents raised her. Teaching her the power of thought, unique vision and the importance of understanding life’s fleeting nature, Lara has entered the music industry, focus firmly in check and a dedication to the grind and hustle on point.

“I’m very humble and my family is as well, they ground me.” she says. “Besides music, my parents let me do me, they let me be who I want to be as an artist.”

“I also have my boundaries because of my culture. I want to be an artist who people respect. I look up to artists like Alicia Keys; if she does put her body out there, it’s on her terms. I look at Alicia Keys and she inspires me in that way.”

Lara’s music and work ethic surrounding keeping creative - especially throughout 2020 - has kept her busy as she prepares for a string of releases this year. Driven by a desire to be a figure of inspiration for other young artists, as well as carve out longevity all her own in the Australian industry, Lara has been working hard on what’s become an incredible statement of intent.

The first single from Lara D in 2021 is ‘No One’ - a meaningful introduction point for some, a fitting evolution for anyone who has been following her blossoming career for its early days. The music and Lara’s delivery simply proves the artist’s relevance in this growing hybrid scene of Australian R&B/edgy pop music.

There is only one Lara D - the stories she sings about are pulled from life experiences; observations on a life that is uniquely hers.